2/19/16 Friday turned into Saturday….

Somehow, we’ve been working so hard we turned  Friday into Saturday! It’s just passed midnight here in Hawthorne,CA and the music  (and coffee) is getting us through a long night. We’ve had to completely disassemble the bot a couple times in the past week. Once to layout and tap holes for electronics panels and a battery tray, the other to finish assembly of the transmissions and drive chains+bearing hubs. So it essentially looks like we are back to where we were a week ago! Yay!

In all seriousness, there is a lot of progress to report; especially on the matter of a practice robot. We’ve cloned every part that we’ve made this far, which is essentially 75% of our bot. This means we should be able to practice, anodize, and have spare parts! We are also now confident in the geometry and physics of our lifting mechanism with a final hook design being postponed untill we have a final assembly to actually test climbing. We have some prototype ideas ready for the 3D printer however. Currently the printers are working on some spacers, wheel hubs, and other small components. (Lights out manufacturing is a blessing!) We continue to challenge the idea that 3D printed parts are just for show or short lifecycle parts. Our rims are 3D printed, our bearing hubs, and even shooter components! Solidworks design simulation results will allow you to analyze whether you can use your 3D printed parts or not. Our lifting winch drum is 3D printed (a technique we developed  for Legomotion).
It’s currently all hands on deck so even the blog crew needs to get back to fabrication and CAD. We’ll leave you for tonight with this interesting observation. Some of us have TERRIBLE taste in music! We are still arguing about which of us are wrong, but when the music transitions from Justin Bieber, to Rage Against the Machine, somehow tracking through Tupac, Slipknot, Adele, and Pantera, you realize that variety is the spice of life, or the DJ is deaf. We’ll let you know by competition.
As always, here’s some eye candy….



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