Thursday 2/11/16 Final Stretch! Hit the Nitrous! 

With deadline day fast approaching there’s no time left to fool around! Luckily we are in agreement on a final design and manufacturing at 100%. We think we have a winning formula and strategy for this year’s game. As we hit this final stretch it is time to shift into top gear and hit the NOS. We’ll be working before the Sun’s up and well after it’s down 7 days a week until this beast is done.

Our latest updates from manufacturing are a rolling chasis ready for drive and a collector that works great. About half the shooting mechanism’s frame is done with some really intricate and aesthetically pleasing parts rolling off the production line at a steady pace. As always with FIRST robots we want to be able to create spare parts and make rapid design iterations should a part need modification or replacement. To ensure this, CAD has to be maintained 100% accurate to what the machinists are making, and vice versa. We also create solid tooling fixtures to ensure that we can make quality parts repeatedly, and also revisit manufacturing stages more easily. Starting from scratch sucks!

I’m glad to report that a lot of the tooling is done for some of our key components and this has contributed greatly to the chip piles across the shop. We’re making stuff!

As for what’s done, here is a shot of our rolling chasis and collector.

 Turns out, it helps if it’s spinning the right way, always learning! If you look closely, you’ll also see our 3D printed wheel hubs.


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