Saturday 2/6/16 – Patience is a Virtue

Hello from Team 207,

We are still making small adjustments to our robot designs. We have completed our 3D printed hubs for our wheels so we can have the robot weigh less than with aluminum hubs.  The chassis is still under some assembly and our ball collector has been completely finished on the design portion of things. Some parts still need to be cut out for the collector, but it’s nothing too major is left when it comes to that. Our shooter, though, that’s still being worked on. It becomes much harder to make parts when you’re building 2 robots (one for practice and one for competition).

The electrical board is being worked for both robots and the motors have been attached onto the chassis.  As we continue to build the robot it looks more and more like its final creation.  We hope to solve our assembly issue and continue to build the robot making adjustments here and there as we go.


Team 207




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