Thursday 2/4/16- Finished Design

Hello from team 207,

                 It’s Thursday, February 4th – officially the middle of week 4! We’ve been slowly progressing the construction of the robots. We’ve been trying our best to solve any problems we may have had or will have during this process. Although we’re far from completing the robots (it’s been really busy when it comes to machining and design) we are progressing faster than anticipated. We currently have our chassis, shooter, and collector 100% designed and finished, but we’re currently about 60% done with assembling our robots – including parts that are currently in the design process.

           Today we had a meeting concerning our pit jobs, such as Safety Captain and Theme Development. At the meeting we also discussed how we are going to represent our sponsors and school. Walt Disney Imagineering, SpaceX, Cooler Master, and many of our other sponsors are looking forward to what we have in store this year, considering just how different this year’s game is when compared to years prior. We hope to continue this progress throughout our build season and hope to complete our robots in advance to test and practice before the Los Angeles Regional on March 9th.


Team 207



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