Saturday 1/30/16 – Slow and Steady

Hello from Team 207,

                   It’s Saturday, January 30th – officially the end of week 3! We’ve slowly been continuing construction of the robot and sooner or later it will start to get really hectic around here. We have started cutting material for our ball collector and continue building the chassis for the robot. On Friday, our newest sponsor Cooler Master dropped off a bunch of gear and equipment like computer cases and coolers that  we can use to further our robotics program. A big thanks to our friends at Cooler Master! The next step is to figure out how we can mod these cases and make them even more interesting than they already are!

                         The scaled models for each defense that we began last week are complete and we’ve used them to help us come up with our strategy and further the design of our robot.  The game for this year is extremely immersive we cant wait for competition to start. One step at a time though, we’ll finish the final design of the robot and be practicing in no time. Another big thanks to all of our sponsors and mentors who continue giving us their time, support, and motivating us to continue doing what we do.


Team 207



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